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Should my organization conduct Employee Human Resources training?

Many organizations conduct Human capital training for one of two reasons:

Employee training in general is not quite as exciting in many organizatioons. Employment law or compliance training including sexual harassment training, OSHA training, Sarbanes Oxley or Bank regulations training are all typically mandated by state or federal agencies. The reason to perform these kinds of training is pretty straight forward. Do the training or else!

Organizations that are faced with this requirement will typically engage professionals to conduct and document training records so that they can be produced in the even of litigation or some other request. Human resource professional can also perform these training programs for their employees if they have the right tools and training solutions. Typically what we see, is because training can be considered a cost center, many organizations put it off till its too late. Of course our advice is to treat training as an investment. Human capital development is shown to be the most consistent competitive advantage an organization can possess.

The second most common kind of training is skills development or performance improvement improvement. This takes the format of new product training, leadership and succession planning and training, sales and marketing training and sometimes academic training. While most organizations commit funds and resources to this type of training, it is also quite easy to cut when times are tough.

In today's hyper competitive global marketplace, all organizations regardless of size or sophistication should really take a second look at buttressing the skills and performance training. How do you think successful organizations like Google, Apple, Motorola, Coca Cola etc continue to maintain their market dominance. Its because the place a premium on the quality of their people resource which means cutting edge training and e-learning programs.

So when it comes to conducting training for your organization, I don't believe the question should be "should I conduct training", rather the question is "how can I best prepare my workforce to effectively compete and win in an increasingly hyper competitive global marketplace.

What is the best way to start Human Resources employee training?

Simple. Start with what you already know and have. Surely you have some training courses sitting around. Check around for PowerPoints or even check Wikipedia for some articles on employee training. Once you have collected your training resources, set up an employee training software account so you can begin putting these courses online. Why online trainining? Because its cheaper, and you can track your training reports and statistics.

Lastly see if you can get some help to get you going. The folks at eLeaP can certainly help you for free.

Describe how the eLeaP Human Resource employee training system works?

The eLeaP Human resource employee system works in 5 simple steps

  1. Signup and choose your username for your eLeaP™ human resource employee training e-learning LMS account. You can have
    1. Create your HR Administrator account - the Administrator manages your entire eLeaP™ learning and training portal site)
    2. Create your HR Instructor(s) account - you can create as many Instructor level accounts as you need. Your instructors will create and manage their individual training/learning courses
    3. Create or import Students/Learners/Trainees - invite your Trainees, Learners or Students to experience your customized e-learning training courses.
  1. Create your human resource trainining courses
    1. Use our powerful AJAX Course Content Creator Pro to easily create new content. Copy and paste from existing content or easily create and edit courses in minutes. Editing existing Course Content is a breeze with easy to use "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) tools. If you can browse the Internet, you can use eLeaP.
    2. Enhance your course with rich media. Upload and insert videos, audio files, Podcasts, and Flash movies or SCORM courses.
    3. Do you need to attach additional files to your courses? Easily add files in any format: PDF's, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Pictures, HTML files.
    4. Testing may be critical to some e-learning applications. Instructors may easily create tests, quizzes, or other forms of assessments. 
    5. Instructors can set all rules for grading quizzes or tests. Pass/fail criteria will be assessed based on these rules.
    6. Instructors can set up time sensitive assessments. Time limits can be assigned to different segments of a quiz. The result of this feature is unparalleled testing and assessment capabilities leading to better user training and knowledge retention.
  2. Your students/employees are automatically Invited to take your courses via the eLeaP human resource employee training system notification system. eLeaP™ LMS/LCMS makes it easy to deploy courses to individual users. You can customize your users' learning experience with unique, targeted and personalized learning. Our Career Path™ wizard allows you to easily assign unique courses to individual users.
  3. Your Trainees/Students/Learners can easily and conveniently take their assigned e-learning or training courses. All assessments are instantly available for grading (automatic correction is available). You don't have to stop there. Learning can be a collaborative effort. Use our course specific forums to enable your students interact with each other. You can also set up your special feedback forms to receive instant feedback reports from your students
  4. Reporting/Tracking is critical to measuring the effectiveness of your learning or training program. eLeaP™ human resource employee training system provides multiple layers of reports. You have course reports, instructor reports, feedback reports and even financial reports if you use our eLeaP™ human resource employee training system market place to sell your training courses.

What is the best way to start HR training?

Take a quick tour of a Human Resource Employee Training system

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